Palestine Solidarity Initiative

Advancing the Palestinian right to education

What people say

Since 2008, PSI has helped over 600 Palestinians apply to UK undertgraudate and postgraduate courses, over 50 of whom have received successful offers to their chosen courses, and several who received university-linked scholarships to fund their studies. 

Here's what some of the people involved have to say about PSI:

“PSI helped me to find my path and secure a Masters degree admission in Durham University.  Now that I am graduated I am applying what I learned, and hopefully start a charity in the future.”

     Summer, Palestine

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being part of PSI, I couldn't ask for a better mentor. I really want to thank PSI for their great work of helping Palestinian students"

     Ahmed, Gaza, Palestine

“I always had the idea that applying to a university abroad [would be a] barrier. Thanks to my friends in PSI, who where there for me each step of the way, I learned how to apply to university.  Thanks to them, I acquired 3 acceptances from universities in the UK.”

     Ayman, West Bank, Palestine

"PSI's help with my scholarship and visa applications made a very complicated and daunting process much easier.  I'm about to start my Masters in the UK and really appreciate their help."
     Mariam, West Bank, Palestine 

"PSI doesn't only help Palestinian students with scholarships in the United Kingdom, but is also seeking toincrease these scholarships for them. They also follow the application step-by-step, therefore the scholarship and visa process is much easier with PSI."

     Othman, Gaza, Palestine

"PSI does not only aid you with a mentor who helps you throughout the application process, it also exposes you to available opportunities. PSI is a gift for Palestinian students who want to proceed their education abroad, its prompt reply and professional communication is definitely a leverage. I am so thankful to my friends in PSI  (especially Ziyaad and Maryam), words are never able to express what PSI really deserves."

     Nour, West Bank, Palestine

“I just want to thank and appreciate your efforts and the great job you are doing.  I have been thinking since a long time now to get a degree from the UK and I think that this initiative is a great thing for people like me who really need guidance and help to make it true.”

     Fuad, West Bank, Palestine